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How To Bring An Ashram Environment To Your Home

How To Bring An Ashram Environment To Your Home

In a world moving so fast-paced; from the way we buy groceries, to the way we communicate on the phone, can be an overwhelming amount of stimulation. Our minds need time away from the multiple screens and time to refresh naturally.

Growing more and more in popularity in the Western parts of the world is yoga and it’s accompanying brother meditation. Many have found the benefits of utilizing this method of relaxation and have even turned it into their exercise of choice. Doctors have joined in the craze, too, acknowledging the aid yoga is to a person’s overall health.

If you are unaware, yoga and meditation merge your breath and movement into one exercise or practice, as you’ll hear yogis say. It enables the mind to focus on inner growth and learn about our deeper selves. But more and more, the growing demands of life can push this wanted, rather, needed quiet time further away.

What Is An Ashram?

In India, yoga and meditation are widely revered, but not as an exercise, but as a way of life. In this part of the world, there are specific places called ashrams, which are designed for the sole purpose of spiritual reflection. Sometimes, though, as Sadhguru, a knowledgeable yogi, and, according to his website, “One of India’s 50 most influential people”, says people go to an ashram to be cared for, such as for food and shelter.

In most cases, the Western world sees that an escape to an ashram provides the meditation and reflection that is strongly sought after by our society. However, the more authentic ashrams only exist in the corners of India. That much-needed peace that is found within those ashrams seems so unattainable to Westerners. Is there a way to create that similar ashram feeling in our homes?

Only The Important Stuff

It’s time to clean up, literally. Can you truly unwind mentally when you are surrounded by things plaguing your home? Simple distractions like these take you away from the true purpose, which is to find enlightenment. So, throw away needless papers that only clutter your space and find the floor again.

A Special Place

Ashrams allow for lots of meditation and prayer. I mean, you go there for that very reason. So, in your home, there needs to be somewhere with the same significance. Identify this spot by placing signifying items or figures that will familiarize your mind with the idea that is it time to focus and reflect. Many people create some form of an altar, whether that is a single candle on a table, or a closet designed solely for meditation purposes. Wherever you decide for your sacred place to be, make sure it is only used for meditation, prayer and reflection.

May We Have Silence, Please?

This may seem obvious, but it is not an easy task to achieve. Many times our life obligations get in the way of there even being a moment of silence, but you must have this time in order to create an ashram within your own home. It can be complete silence or chanting. Either way nothing else needs to be around that can distract you from your divine focus.

Removing Any And All Negativity

Peace cannot coincide with negativity. The contrast between the two normally gives way to the latter. When seeking that ashram like atmosphere, a pessimistic attitude will only expand into negativity. It must be released from everything inside the home.

This is a personal journey, so consider things like movies, games, books, food, or anything that impacts you in a negative way. Eliminate it from the equation so you may live in true bliss.

Awareness in Everything You do

In order to achieve the highest level of awareness, you have to allow your mind to be in a constant state of awareness. This means during mundane activities, such as preparing for dinner, be aware of that crackle the grease in the skillet makes. Your awareness should still be tuned up, reflecting on the sounds you hear around you and inside you. This is a learned skill and comes with practice.

You may never experience what it’s like inside an ashram in the heart of India, but you can create a comparable atmosphere right in your own home.


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