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Finding The Temple Of Healing in Meditation

A Poem and Blog Post

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Sweeping Up My Temple

Sharing time with myself in spaces within spaces
Seeking a temple of healing, self-sealing
the enigma that I am.
To release all those flashbacks that continue to mock me,
Making an appearance at the worse time,
Like there would be any better one
Brushed over for something less than
with a broom that swept me into a chimney of sour kisses
and midnight wishes
when I was too little to control the broom handle

Now, I am the one who sweeps things under the rug,
brushing my damage onto little ones
too innocent to control a broom handle
I light a candle and breathe in what is left of my air
Trying to fix the end of the broomstick
Before it brands another kid

This morning, I couldn’t sleep. So, I tried this deep meditation intended to release fear and regret. It’s the second time I’ve heard a reference to a temple of healing we have access to here on Earth. For some reason, the very brief times I visit, Facebook shows me videos of religious and supernatural content.

Founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Delores Cannon intrigued me with a video where she shared her cantor on life after death. It’s pretty wild stuff. Anyway, in a forwarding video, she mentions a temple of healing she often goes to. I didn’t investigate too far into her claims, but I remembered this when the gentlemen leading the meditation mentioned a temple of healing.

Meditation is crazy. What it stirs up is hard to deal with. I can see why people would try to define it as demonic. Anything that makes you uncomfortable and takes you so deep into yourself is scary. On the other hand, it allows you to reflect and move past those severe traumas.

I love it and hate it at the same time. I need much more of it to repair my sanity. Deep mediation is lovely. That stillness, peace, and love are addicting in a good way.

finding the temple of healing in meditation

The temple of healing is not a physical location but a place within yourself where you can access a profound level of healing. It is a place of deep peace, love, and understanding. It is a place of transformation and profound healing.

When you meditate, you can enter this temple of healing. As you become more familiar with meditation, the journey to your temple of healing will become easier. To begin the trip, you must close your eyes and focus on your breath. Then, allow yourself to relax and observe the natural rhythm of your breath. As you do so, you will begin to enter a meditative state.

As you become more comfortable with the practice, you can direct your attention to the healing temple within you. Imagine walking through a beautiful garden with lush green plants and vibrant flowers. In the center of the park is a temple. You will feel a deep sense of peace and love as you approach the temple.

When you are ready, step into the temple and take a few moments to explore your surroundings. Notice the intricate carvings and paintings that adorn the walls of the temple. Feel the peace and love that emanates from the temple. You will notice a deep sense of healing and transformation as you explore the temple.

As you remain in this place of healing and transformation, you will feel more connected to yourself, your higher power, and the healing energy available to you. You may feel a profound healing in your body, mind, and soul. When you are ready, take a few moments to thank the temple of healing for the experience.

Meditation can be a powerful tool for finding the temple of healing within. As you practice, you will learn to access this place of healing and transformation more efficiently, allowing for profound healing and transformation.

I’ve practiced yoga and meditation since my twenties, though, admittedly, I got away from the practice for a while. But I never forgot the deep breathing correlating with movement and meditation. Relaxing at the end of yoga practice, or savasana, was always my favorite part of the session. That deep breath is how you get deeper into meditation and find your healing temple.

I hope you will search for your temple of healing or at least try meditating. Soon I’ll be legit. I’m studying for certifications in Yin Yoga and Meditation!


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